Why is business related to kids best suited for women entrepreneurs?


We still live in a country where women are not always encouraged to have a career of their own. Things are changing and getting better for sure, but there are still a few hiccups along the way. Most women in India have limited opportunities after taking a big break after marriage and maternity, and in rural areas, the opportunities are not even worth mentioning. For women entrepreneurs, it might be a good idea to launch a business that has to do with kids. In this post, we take a look at the various aspects and the business ideas that women can consider.

Reviewing the possible business models worth considering

Generally speaking, women have a way with kids. Most mothers have the experience of handling children, and as such, they can consider jobs and businesses that involve. Ideas can be varied, from starting a play school to making toys for kids. It is also possible to start a special coaching class for children in the locality or working with schools to offer extracurricular activities for young children. For those who have the experience and educational background, starting a coaching class at home is not a bad idea either.

Evaluate your opportunities

At Boss Ladies, we are constantly trying to empower women entrepreneurs in finding their niche, and while our community does offer networking support and practical ideas, it is necessary to find a calling. As a female entrepreneur or someone with a keen sense of understanding of kids, you need to understand and appreciate what you are good at. Typically, women often do better around kids, and if you are just starting out, a business model that involves children or works around their needs is often a great way to start. You can use your experience as a mother, sister and daughter to come up with new ideas, which can be something as simple as making special organic cloth nappies for infants.

The vast range of options

Like we mentioned above, women entrepreneurs need to be extremely confident in their approach, and as it might be easy to guess, there are varied kinds of ideas that relate to kids. Besides the ones we discussed, you can decide to encourage other women in your locality to join hands for making hand-woven clothes, can start a simple crèche where parents can leave their children before leaving for work or can simply design products that are designed for kids. Many women have also turned their passion for cooking into a full-time business. You can arrange for special tiffin boxes for kids in your city, which are prepared at home using organic produce. Then, of course, you can also offer counselling for kids, provided you have the educational qualifications. The ideas, as you may have explored by now, are limitless.

Share and take support

Boss Ladies organizes special events and networking workshops for women entrepreneurs from time to time, and we intend to help as many women as possible. If you are someone who needs to explore ideas or want to just test the potential scope of your planned business venture, join hands with us and let’s share the experience, expertise, and opportunities. When I started my business, I had no clue as to how I would take the next step, and I have met women who have felt the same way. With Boss Ladies, women entrepreneurs can come together and find a niche of their own by supporting efforts and ideas.

Visit our website to know more, and remember, if you love kids, there’s so much you can do, even with little or almost no investment.

Take Care

Himja Rana

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