While the lockdown comes as a necessity to curb the growth of the COVID-19 disease, there are a few other difficulties which have cropped up in such times. Apart from the fact that a lot of people are facing problems gaining access to essential items, there are others who are dealing with issues of different nature. One of the most pertinent issues, which have cropped up recently is something that is happening behind doors of what is believed to provide us with the maximum amount of security. The issue that has recorded a large jump in number, close to double the amount is of domestic violence against women.

Domestic violence against women, in particular, is a huge social issue, and more often than not, women are afraid to step out or speak up against it because a lot of women find themselves to be bound to this family and have nowhere else to go. With the lockdown, the situation has become worse. Not only have the crimes against women in domestic spaces increased, but they have little liberty to go to their natal homes or even make their way to the police station to complain.

The domestic violence issue is something that people are grappling with on a global scale.

According to NBC News, some countries have seen a shoot up in the number of calls to the police seeking assistance in domestic violence cases since the lockdown. According to the BBC, there has been a 25% rise is the number of calls regarding this matter. The United Nations has also sent out warnings that the number of cases in point is rising by great numbers. The NCW in India has also received double the amount of calls or emails regarding the matter.

 So, what is leading to such a surge in domestic violence issues? 

Well, to begin with, the lockdown has brought in its wake definite economic insecurity and uncertainty. A lot of people have no access to essential items, a lot are suffering from anxiety, anticipation, stress, and all such factors combined, women have become the easiest target in our patriarchal setup. A lot of alcoholics, who do not have access to alcohol during the lockdown are taking out their frustration on the women in the household. So, what should one do in such an hour of need?

How can BossLadies help?

BossLadies, a community for women entrepreneurs, developed and maintained by them, is working day and night to provide such women, who are in distress with the assistance that they need. There are an OFFICIAL EMAIL ID –

HELPLINE NUMBER – 8288801355

where women can send in their complaints and seek out for help. Apart from providing assistance, BossLadies is also providing legal counsel and help that anyone might require in this regard. It is a safe platform, and hence, women who are suffering due to domestic violence can come forward and seek the assistance that they need.


Do not hesitate. Domestic violence is a crime, and it is a must to speak out!


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