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8th March, 2020

Being an entrepreneur and a business woman, I have experienced the amazing power of networking!

From what I’ve seen, in India, the only “networking opportunities” for women in particular has been kitty groups, which I’ve never been able to fit into as there’s a “very focused emphasis” on dressing up and decking up with jewelry followed with friendly discussions and chit-chat, typically, not related to business. I did try a couple of kitty groups but realized very early that “kittying” was not for me. While on one hand I think “kittying” is a wonderful concept as it allows bonding and maintain personal relationships with your friends, on the other hand, I think this is not very apt for business women, women entrepreneurs, or wanna-be women entrepreneurs as women do not really get to forge and grow their business network in kitty groups.

I started attending and I still attend every possible business networking event, worth its salt, in town and all-around India whenever I can (according to time and money available).

Observing an attendance of not more than 4-5% of women in majority of these events, I was compelled into creating a network for women entrepreneurs where they can, not only forge solid business collaborations with other business women and women entrepreneurs, but also fester new friendships with other like-minded business women and women entrepreneurs. I wanted a platform where women with startups and established businesses come together and forge collaborations and where women with established businesses can come and inspire other women to start and to grow their businesses.

This is how BossLADIES™ came into being.

At BossLADIES meets, we bring business women and women entrepreneurs together to CONNECT with each other LEARN from each other and to INSPIRE each other.


I know that business women and women entrepreneurs have to do more to prove their worth and have to do more to earn their money and yet most of them rarely achieve according to time and effort that they are putting into their work!

Researching more into Indian Ecosystem of Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals (by interacting one-on-one during my business coffee meets with around 100+ business women and women entrepreneurs), I concluded that more than anything else, working women severely lag in “business” NETWORKING.

I started BossLADIES™ for promoting business networking within women entrepreneurs. There are so many opportunities for business women and women entrepreneurs yet very few conferences and business meets blend women of all industries.

I find that men aggressively use their networks for business and personal portfolio enhancement and I think that women should learn from them about not only how to grow ones “business network” but also how to effectively use that network to scale and grow the business.

Business women should see networking not as an added obligation albeit as part of one’s effort to grow and scale one’s business.

You have to take risks. Take on the challenge that you think you are not quite ready for because you will find a way to be successful at it.

Do not forget to mentor others coming behind you as this will help you in building your leadership skills!

Find ways to get feedback actively as this will allow you to make timely course correction in your service offerings and/or product offerings.


There’s so much more that I have to say and share…I’ll post more write-ups and will publish checkboxes, which we must tick to move ahead on our path of success.


Thanks to all men who support us on our journey


Here’s wishing all women and men a very Happy Women’s Day!

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Himja Rana

Founder – BossLADIES™

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