Creating a Brand: Find How You Can Be The Boss Lady!


There’s a reason why ‘Branding’ is one of the main aspects of marketing. It defines a company, product, or service as of how people perceive it, and obviously, in good. Creating a brand is not just about the logo; it’s more about a promise that the customer will get what’s promised. As a woman entrepreneur, I started in my late 20s, and it was only after the first couple of years, I realized the power of branding. It’s not just about creating the brand but more about generating a positive perception that will continue to influence decisions. In this post, I will tell more on BossLadies, and how this can be your chance to start a business of your own.

Get the basics right

With branding, you have to be cautious about three major aspects –

  • The purpose
  • How will you do it?
  • What means can be used for the process?

If you figure out how you want people to see and perceive your brand, half the work is done. However, just making false promises wouldn’t count, so you have to figure out as you will deliver on these promises. It is also extremely necessary to find the means of branding, which can be a mix of marketing elements and networking.

Here’s how I got BossLadies in action

In a country like India where the meaning of feminism is often restricted to the cities, it is necessary to encourage and empower women entrepreneurs. It’s not about competing with men, but more about finding our niche. If you are a woman reading this, I want you to know that my journey wasn’t easy, simply because it wasn’t easy to get advice or help. I only discovered accidentally when I talked to a few women entrepreneurs. It was then BossLadies came into my mind, and today, it’s my exclusive pet project that promises to bring women entrepreneurs and experts together, with the intent to offer encouragement, support, and invaluable advice.

Networking is the key to branding

As someone who is new to the business, you need support. You need a team of people who can encourage your endeavours, and more than that, they should be able to inspire and guide you. I have designed BossLadies for making networking and branding easier for everyone. I have been in touch with women entrepreneurs and lady bosses, who have done a splendid job in their respective field, and with our workshops and meet-ups, I intend to influence more women. It’s only when women support each other we can change things in this otherwise male-dominated business atmosphere in India.

Let’s meet and discuss branding

Wondering what does it take to launch a brand? Intrigued by how some of these amazing women have taken the hard decisions? Thinking of starting your own service or launching a small business? No matter your interest, I promise it would be rewarding to be a part of BossLadies. It’s by a woman for all the ladies out there, who need backup.


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