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Now that we are digging ourselves out of the lockdown hibernation, our BossLADIES are bringing their A-game on! These trying times have only reinvigorated these women who are arriving with a fighter’s spirit and determination to achieve their goals. And we, at BossLADIES, feel a sense of immense pride and privilege to support these fierce women and offer them an online platform that could propel their entrepreneurship dream forward. 

Although the world is wrapped in a shroud of uncertainty at the moment, one little silver lining that’s peeking through the cloud of dejection is a new revolution that’s taking the Indian masses to their roots. The #LocalforVocal is resounding louder than ever through every corner of the country. With the government’s stringent ban on inferior Chinese products, entrepreneurs of the country are being welcomed by the warm rays of a new dawn. This has, especially, benefitted those who had great ideas but could not bring them to life because of the steep competition posed by cheap products. And small businesses whose growth was stunted because of that market competition even when their products had promising potential.

With a history that dates to 8000 years ago, India culture is brimming with ideas in its roots waiting to be rediscovered and remodelled with the technical recourses available. #VocalforLocal has sowed the seed of this ideology in the minds of all the razor-sharp entrepreneurs of the country. This has made a special impact on the women entrepreneurs, who have expanded extensively in fields like handicraft, handloom, culinary, beauty and art with local resources and smart traditional ideas.

Women are blessed with the power of empathy that has led them to become exceptional business leaders even in the smallest of town and villages with limited resources. This sense of empathy not only makes them great leaders but also makes them incredible entrepreneurs who can understand their customer to the core. Thereby delivering exactly what the customer needs or wants.

  • What we realized is that, if there is one thing that these women lacked in the business models that is dragging them backwards, then, its exposure.
  • The masses do not support small brands because they are not aware of their existence.
  • Women entrepreneurs with small businesses get completely overshadowed by the marketing campaigns of the big fishes of the sea. Some do not even get to reach the stage of the competition.
  • And this is what pushed us to launch an ONLINE DIRECTORY for women entrepreneurs.   

Such a directory will bring their brands into the limelight – a sure-fire way to generate more leads and shoot up sales. We are offering free listing at the moment because of the trying times that’s testing us. This is our small way to support the women entrepreneurs in the country.

We hope to see a gleaming future for them.

Himja Rana 


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