7 Inspiring And Successful Women Entrepreneurs Who Defied Age!


In an age, where feminism is the talk of the day, it is hard not to follow some of the incredibly successful women, who have managed to carve a niche of their own. When I started BossLadies, I was undeniably charmed and inspired by some of these women, who are often a step ahead in their respective industries and leagues, and it took more than a sense of business to succeed.

With BossLadies, my intention is to inspire and encourage more women who find a calling that’s not just monetarily rewarding but is also immensely fulfilling at a personal level. In a bid to bring more stories to the forefront, here’s my list of women entrepreneurs, who don’t mind making the mullah on their own terms, but also started late in life.

  1. Vera Wang. Today, Vera Wang is synonymous to fashion and luxury clothing, but did you know that she started at the age of 40? Now that’s inspiring because she never owned a business before starting out. Her experience at Vogue did help her in finding the contacts, and now, her empire is estimated in hundreds of millions. Have a thing for fashion? She is the one to follow!
  2. Martha Stewart. She has been my personal favorite for the longest time, and what inspires me the most is the fact that she came up with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia company at the age of 55. Stewart remains one of the most loved and celebrated woman entrepreneurs in the world, despite a few setbacks in her career.
  3. Cath Kidston. She is best known for creating the company Cath Kidston Ltd that specializes in home furnishing and vintage clothing. She owned a shop of used furniture before that. Even when the world was reeling under the pressure of depression, Cath Kidston’s company flourished, and she eventually sold the company in millions. Still wondering what your small idea can do?
  4. Lynda Weinman. Did you know she is the founder of Lynda.com? Yes, you heard that right, and she opened the venture at the age of 42, before internet became the rage that it is today. Eventually, Lynda.com was purchased by LinkedIn at $1.5 billion in 2015, making her one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in business.
  5. Robin Chase. For the uninitiated, Robin Chase is the CEO of Zipcar, who started with the idea and this career at the age of 41. She had some initial hiccups in running the company, but gave everyone a toss when she sacked the co-founder of the company. Since then, she has been an inspiration to many, and the company was eventually sold at an astonishing price of $500 million in 2013. Chase remains one of the richest women at the moment.
  6. Falguni Nayyar. While she has been in financial services for a while over two decades, Falguni Nayyar took the big step when she launched her website Nykaa in 2012. From the time, there has been no looking back, and Nykaa has been credited for bringing some of the legit international brands to India, and they have retail partnerships with most makeup brands in the country.
  7. Anupama Chopra. Technically, Chopra has been a successful critic for the longest time, and one of the first women film critics in India. However, she started off on her own pretty late in her 40s with Film Companion, which offers all the reviews, interviews and behind-the-screen information that film buffs are looking for.

What are you waiting for? I believe we all can benefit enough from BossLadies, which promises to bring likeminded women together. Most of us need a little support and encouragement, which I believe is what this platform will offer. Join me as I spread the wings for women who, like me, need a little more to succeed.

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