You Create! We Promote!  That’s what makes us an indispensable part of your business model! Now that we are digging ourselves out of the lockdown hibernation, our BossLADIES are bringing their A-game on! These trying times have only reinvigorated these
Get the Branding right
There’s a reason why ‘Branding’ is one of the main aspects of marketing. It defines a company, product, or service as of how people perceive it, and obviously, in good. Creating a brand is not just about the logo; it’s
Inspiring women entrepreneurs from India
In an age, where feminism is the talk of the day, it is hard not to follow some of the incredibly successful women, who have managed to carve a niche of their own. When I started BossLadies, I was undeniably
Business related to kids best for women entrepreneurs
We still live in a country where women are not always encouraged to have a career of their own. Things are changing and getting better for sure, but there are still a few hiccups along the way. Most women in
Schemes for women entrepreneurs in India
Indian Government is promoting start-ups to encourage women to become self-employed, and thus, several initiatives have been introduced to make the women of our country empowered.  Many women in our country aspire to become financially independent by using their entrepreneur
How BossLadies came into Being
© 2020, BossLADIES™ 8th March, 2020 Being an entrepreneur and a business woman, I have experienced the amazing power of networking! From what I’ve seen, in India, the only “networking opportunities” for women in particular has been kitty groups, which
BossLadies Legal HelpLine
While the lockdown comes as a necessity to curb the growth of the COVID-19 disease, there are a few other difficulties which have cropped up in such times. Apart from the fact that a lot of people are facing problems